Track Your Website's Up time And Downtime Using Google Docs

Well This is a Simple Tutorial Which helps us to Keep tracking of our Website/Blogs Up time and Downtime. using Google Docs .And Also Get an Alert to your inbox whenever your site is Down.All this happens by using a powerful tool namely Google Docs.So We can Use Google Docs as a Monitoring tool .

So My Trick Starts Here :.

1. Login to Your Google Account and Go to Google Docs By Clicking here.Now Click on Yes Create a Copy and then Add your URL and Email Address.

2. Now Go to Tools > Script Editor.

3.Then it Opens a New Window or Tab.now you will find a Script That is used to run this Monitoring Service.

4. Now Click on Resources > Current Script Triggers > Then Click No Trigger Setup.Click here to Add one Now.

5.Now Set Time Driven "Minute/Hour Timer".Setup your Desired time and Click Save.

6.Now A Red Screen Will pop-up Saying Authorization Required.Just Click on Authorize button.That's it.Now You're Done. Now Start Getting Alerts to your inbox whenever your site is Down and again when your site is Up.Here is a Small Screen Shot.How i did for my site :.

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