Rajnikanth's Website Runs Without Internet

its serious if you do not believe than you have too visit site because I just saw it it and enjoyed it a lot,  there’s nothing which Rajnikant cannot do. 
So when I just saw this website I was just amazed than how it can run without internet but it is running without internet as it will only be accessible if you will disconnect your internet.

Rajnikants Website

So now if you want to access Rajnikant’s website than 
visit  www.allaboutrajni.com

and you will see page like above so now disconnect your internet to access it further and than enjoy this funny website


Cole | tech said...

yeah rajnikanth can do anything !!!
He is a superstar


Anonymous said...

rajni yenna rascula Mind it :p :p
rajnikanth rockzzz yar very nice template dude

saikiransama said...

Thank you !!!

sunny said...

wow rajni rockzzz man!
really i want to create a site like this

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