How to Create Alexa Rank Widget For Your Blog.

Google Page rank and Alexa rank are the most important Factors Which decide the Popularity of Blogs/Websites.Well As you know Alexa seems to Undergo Many changes and since the Paste year it has a New Interface.Because people who are using the Old Alexa widget were not Working Perfectly.

As you know Alexa Offers A Ranking Widget for bloggers which they can embed to their Blog using  a Small piece of Code.Personally i've seen a lot of Improvement in Alexa Ranking of my blog.After integrating Alexa Widget into My blog.Also this helps us to Keep exact count of visitors on your blog.If you have not Added Alexa widget on your Blog.then I would Suggest you to Add Alexa Widget on your Blog.

So there is a New and Simple Way to add alexa Widget on your Blog.Alexa has added a new section which can be used to verify the ownership And Edit Details of your Site.

So for Adding Alexa widget on your Blog.Just Go through this Link .Click on Alexa Site widgets and add your Sitelink.And Now Grab the Code to be Embedded to your Blog.you have Different options and Sizes for Widget

Now Click on Alexa Site Widgets and You will be Redirected to the Widget Page.

Now Enter your blog link and Click on Build Widget.Just Like in Below Screenshot

So now When you Update Info.you need to Provide an Email Address.That's it Now Watch your Alexa Ranking improving Every Day.

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