Add a Read More Link When Someone Copy Paste your Content on Their Blogs

Copying is the Most common thing Happening Now a Days. Well how do you feel when some one Copies your content to their blogs and Drive your Traffic to their blogs.Do you know Many people Copy your content from your blog without permission and without a link back.This is a Huge problem for us too. Why because it may put us into the risk of lower search engine rankings and page rank when someone copy our content.Also in Many cases the original post by us will be indexed late while the Copied Content will be indexed soon.

So Prevent Copying articles from your Site/Blog and Save your Hardwork from without Getting Stealed.

How to Add a Read More Link when Someone Copy/Paste Our Content :.

Some times When You Copy the Content from any site you May see a Read More link along with the Post like in the Below image 

So to add the Read More link like the Above one,You've to Follow Some Simple Steps.
yet there are Many Ways to add the Read more Link. Here is an Easy way To add read more link Using Tynt.com

1.) Go to Tynt.com And Create an Account there.it is free.
2) Now after Creating and Confirming Your account Just Login to your Account.
3) Now you will find a page like this

Now Click on the Script Icon at the top right Corner of the page like in the Above image.
Now you will be seeing a Page Script Setup.Now Scroll down to the code located on the middle of the page.See the Below Screenshot.

Now Copy the Entire Code and Paste the Code into <head> Section of your Blog's Template.That's it Now you're Done. Now for Checking Purpose Just Copy your Own Content and Try to paste it in a New Post.Then You will find a Read More Link at the Bottom of the Post. Enjoy!

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