5 Best Torrent Apps For Android

Well as you know Android apps Market is Growing Very Fast and Out of them There are Variety of Torrent Apps.You Know that Torrents is a best Way to Download Apps and Movies.Torrent is A File which is Downloaded from the Other One who has already downloaded the Same file and i hope torrent is the best way to download movies,Games and Large Size Files.

1.) ABTC

Abtc Helps in Downloading mp3 and tv albums with new features including DHT,Downloading While Sleeping and In bult Search for Apps.

Transrdoid is an open source that supports uTorrent, Vuze, Transmission, rTorrent and more. This not only searches torrent with in-built search feature, it also manages your URLs and you can also add your favorite websites to download the stuffs for future reference.

uTorrent Remote is Very easy to use, and has a great feature like checking the status of your downloads; add, pause or resume downloads on your phone and update. You can also add torrents from RSS subscriptions.

Torrent-fu helps you to manage your torrents and search for torrent  from your browser and QR code scan to download remotely. It is compatible with both uTorrent and Transmission. You can also have custom profiles to add, edit, and delete the locations of where you want your content downloaded to. 

Remote Transmission allows you to add torrent by URL. In this application you can’t pause or resume torrents individually you have to pause all or remove all.

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