Scan Your Facebook Wall with Norton

Hello Guys.isn't it Interesting if Any software Scans your Facebook Wall and Make your Account Safe,protecting From the Malwares and Anything Else Over the Internet.Yeah it is quite interesting,Here is the protection for your Facebook Wall and Your Account made easy just simple As it is.Install the Norton Internet Security on your Pc And finish all the Requirements I mean updates ,Activation and Scanning.etc  

Now you are Ready for the action,just open your Norton internet Security and follow the Steps.

Now Click on the Banner which contains the Facebook logo or click on the Scan Facebook Wall link.
Now it will redirect you to Facebook Application page.Just Login to your Account and Confirm the Request.
Now Activate Norton Auto Scan

So now You've to Enable Auto Scan .there will be a button on the top Right Corner Just click it to enable Auto scan.

Here is the Link to Norton Scan App  -- Click Here 

Click Here to Go to the App --- Click Here

So now "All is Well ".Everything is Set ready and Norton Automatically Scans your Facebook wall .So Enjoy Social Networking in a Secure Way.isn't it Interesting.if you like this post.Please Share this to Facebook.

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