Make Money With Baltana.com - Do Anything For $5 By On Secret Hunt

There is a Another Good site for all  Loyal Readers and Bloggers, Our Friend Owner of Onsecret Hunt  have launched their new Website www.Baltana.com - Do anything For $5. Where people can earn lots of Money

Baltana is the online marketplace where people can make money and buy and sell anyting for $5. - Baltana. 
 After signing up, users post things they are willing to provide buyers – for $5 Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $5 match is made. 

In their new site what you can to do is, make a gigs and sell it for $5.Everyone wantsto make money online. So this site can help you a lot.

Every person has some experience about making anything or design or give great service to people on internet or offline.

Like if you are designer you can design a logo for a Company by adding your gig in www.Baltana.com site. Let me tell you in brief that how you can make moneyfrom Baltana.com.

How To Get Started?

1.First of all register your account on www.Baltana.com.
2.After registered your account now Visit - Create A New GIG page and make your first GIG.See below image that how to create aGIG:-

 Make Money With Baltana.com - Do Anything For $5

3.GIG is like something to make or do anything for $5. Creating a gig means you are agree to do anything at $5.

E.G: I will make a logo for your website or company for $5

Make Money With Baltana.com - Do Anything For $5

 4.After creating your first GIG you are done, now when a buyer buys your GIG you will got a notification via - Email to complete your GIG order before meet your deadline to get paid.

So this is one of the simplest and the easiest way to get paid and earn more. In their you can earn unlimited.The more you add different types of GIG the more you earn.

How Would I get Paid?

All Payments sent via Paypal.So start making Money with Baltana.com and get richer, richer and more richer..:).
Register Your Account On Baltana.com And Make Money Now!!

Credit - OnSecretHunt

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