How to Send Your Profile Picture in Facebook Chat

Well there are Many Awesome Tricks for Facebook Chat Like To Send Pictures And Emotions to friends. this is another trick similar to them.In this Post i'll tell You How to Send your Facebook profile picture or facebook fan page profile picture in Facebook chat!

So impress Your Friends by Doing this Simple trick.

So How to Send them ?

1) Just Login to Your Facebook and Open Chat Box
2) Now Copy the  Facebook ID (or) Username of your Desired page or Account whoose picture You Wanna Display in the chat box
3) Now After Copying the Username or Fb fan page id,Just Paste it in the Below Format.
[[username here]]  or  [[fb page id here]] 

Now The Code will look like  [[saikiransama]].
Just type this in the facebook chat box and See your icon in the Chatbox.Well this is a Good option.So Enjoy!

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