INFOGRAPHIC : Tour Of A Blogger's Brain

Hai friends. If you are a New Blogger then What would you be thinking When you're creating a blog.what goes in your Mind While Creating a blog.
How do spend your brain resources to maintain a Blog ?
How much you spend to append a Perfect template for your blog.? 
How you think about Monetizing Your Blog ? 
How you will Generate content ? 
How to do SEO on a Blog ?

Few Days Ago Infolinks Published an article about a Blogger brain,What goes in a new blogger's mind While Creating A blog.and in the Infographic below Many Questions were Answered in the Below INFOGRAPHIC.

The infographic given below is so informative as it answers all the Above Questions and provides a decent solution to a new blogger. For example what should a blogger blog about or How should a blogger choose the Graphics to post in their blog or How to share content of his blog on Social Networking Sites.

Check the Infographic below :.

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