How to Skip Adf.ly , Adfoc And Linkbucks Links

Well Adf.ly , Adfoc.us And Linkbucks Are the URL shorteners which are used to shrink urls and allows us to Share links in a simple way.thereby Paying us when people Browse through the links which are Shortened.Although they Will pay to us but. their paid to click ratio is Not so much Good.it takes a much time to Get paid.It is almost along some 1000 views for $1 in india.All these area annoying because whenever we click that link we have to wait for 5 sec.and than one can have to click on the Skip Ad button.

But IF you want to Skip them Automatically then Here is the Way:.

1) Using Userscript - Adsfight !

Well the best way to skip these ads is to install a Simple Userscript Called Adsfight on Google Chrome And Firefox.It is very easy to use. Just istall the Bypasser tool and it will automatically skips the Ads When you Click on the Links.

Install Adsfight on Chrome :.

Chrome users Can just install it  Directly by Clicking Here
Just Click on the Install button and Enjoy !

Install Adsfight on Firefox:.

If you Use Firefox Browser then Make Sure that Your browser has Already installed Greasemonkey Script.If you dont have it installed on your Browser then Install it by Clicking Here .
Now After installing Greasemonkey Script Just Install the Adsfight Script By  
Clicking Here

That's it.Enjoy bypassing !

2) Deadfly Online Bypasser Tools :.

Well here is an Alternative to the Above method.

DeadFly Url Is another simple Tool which helps us to Skip ads online. it is very simple to use. Justnavigate to their site and Paste the Link of Which you Wanna Skip Ads.After placing the Link Click on the Deadfly button.That's it now You will be taken to the Orginal Source page.

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