How To Pause Youtube Videos To Watch Later in Google Chrome

Youtube is the Biggest video sharing site on which one can upload,view and share videos.Even unregistered members can Watch videos for free on youtube.

Well Some times we May have to skip the videos besides any urgent work or anything else.important than youtube.then our Total Video session can be interrupted and we have to again watch the video from the beginning.Sometimes this can be agitating as we can also forget where we left off.Well Now there is a simple Addon For Google Chrome to skip these irritating things. Pauseforlater Is an amazing extension for Googlechrome that will help you Saving in your spot.letting you close your youtube Window or may be tab and watch later at the exact spot where we left off.just it saves the video and your spot to the Pause for later Website Where you can reach and resume your video When your Schedule allows.just follow the below Steps to Make your videos to watch later :.

Follow the below Steps To install the Addon | Pause for Later:.

Just Go to  " Pause For Later "  by clicking Here

Now there Click on Add to My Browser

Now Click on Install Now.

Now simply you have to add this extension to Google Chrome

Now Click on Install and you're Done.A Pause Button will be installed onto your Browser Just like in the image Below :.

So After installing the pause for later addon. you will see a pause button like above and using it is very simple.While watching youtube clip just click on the pause button instead of hitting pause on youtube video.then you will be redirected to their list of videos in the pause for later Website.But for your First pause You may have to create a Free account.For your each video on the website there is an action button where you can resume Your Video.

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