How to Create Add To Blogger Button for Direct Adding Widgets

Hello Friends! today iam going to show you a simple post which allows you to create a add to blogger button to your blog for direct adding widgets.well manytimes in pro sites or blogs you might have come across this widget.specially when you want to add HTML/JAVASCRIPT in your blog. there you can add your widgets directly which is the Sign of a Pro Blogger.so that it makes your blog impressive from other and also gives a good impression of the Author.Also visitors love those widget because it is very easy to handle and it is a big alternative of without being copied the whole code and also sometimes it may mismatch our blog. so this is a simple cool widget which is a very good sign for that blog.

The Things Need for this ! :.

  • Widget Title
  • Need your Blog's URL
  • URL of your Blog's LOGO
  • HTML/JAVASCRIPT content of your Widget
Now Add to Blogger Button Widget :.

First Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Create a post as you always create.

Now Make changes In the Below Code and Copy the content in it.

<form action="http://www.blogger.com/add-widget" method="POST"><input type="hidden" name="widget.title" value="Your Widget Title "/><input name="widget.content" type="hidden" value="Paste the widget content value(html/javascript)" /><input name="widget.template" type="hidden" value="&lt;data:content/&gt;" /><input type="hidden" name="infoUrl" value="http://technouniversityworld.blogspot.in"/><input type="hidden" name="logoUrl" value="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FpbHu4TnSJM/Tz4HY7OUllI/AAAAAAAAAP0/wbEud4b1HLs/s1600/afaf.png"/><input alt="Add to Blogger" src="http://www.blogger.com/img/add/add2blogger_lg.gif" type="image" /></form>

So after making the Changes Copy the Whole Code .
Go to posting Area and Click on Edit HTML
Now Paste the Code in the EDit HTML are.that's it Now you're done

Changes you've to make here:.

Replace your widget title with the title of your Widget
Replace the paste the widget content vale (html/java script) with the html/javascript codes of your widgets value
Replace my blog link to Ur blog link
Finally replace the image link with your image link.that's it

Note :. IF you feel this more complicated then you must go to Add to blogger widget button generator  by FBlatest.in and Paste the code. 

Click Here to Go 

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