Horizontal Floating Share Bar With Close Option For Blogger

Hai Friends ! Today iam sharing another Cool Social Bookmarking Widget especially for bloggers.well this is a horizontal Floating Share bar Which consists of Add this!,Facebook,Twitter buttons.This Gadget is Created by Addthis.com And we've bloggarised this Widget to Work Perfect for blogger blog's.this widget has a Close and Plus button.so that when a Visitor Clicks on Close button it goes inside i mean Auto hide. and It comes up with a plus button.so when he Again clicks on plus button The Share bar Again Comes up.Interesting isn't it .then What are you looking  for ? Just Add the Widget to your Blog by following Below Steps :.

How to add Horizontal Floating Share bar to your Blogger ?

First Login to your Blogger > Dashboard >then Navigate to Edit Html.

Now find for </head> tag in your Template

Now add Below Code just before/Above </head> tag

Now find for </body> tag and add the below code Just Before or Above </body> Tag.

Save your Template.Now you're Done ! 
Visit your blog and You can See the Magic.

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