Hide Navbar And Have it Reappear When You Hover Over it

Well friends i think you may be familiar about Hiding the Navigation bar on blogger and also familiar about Auto sliding Navbar on Blogger. but this is a new trick to Hide and Have it Reappear When You Hover Your Pointer over it.This is a simple trick.it is a one step trick and it's all done just by tweaking Code of Nav bar! 
 so follow the below steps to proceed.

Note: If you already applied hide Navbar Code on your Blogger.then Remove that Code or else this trick won't Work.

Adding it to Your blogger blog :.

First logon to your Blogger and then Go to Design < Edit Html .
Now Find the Following Code ]]></b:skin>
Add the Below Code just Before ]]></b:skin>  Tag

#navbar-iframe {

/* IE7, IE8, IE6 */
#navbar-iframe { height/*\**/: 30px\9; }

#navbar-iframe:hover {
height:40px; !important;

Now Click on Save template That's it. Now you're Done.Enjoy!

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