The Best Way to Backup Facebook Profile Data in Single Click

Hello Friends.Today iam here to post a simple trick about how to Backup all your Facebook data in a Single click.So now if you want to Backup all your Facebook Data then just follow the below Simple Steps:.

How to Backup complete Facebook profile Data :.

First thing you've to do is to Login to your Facebook Account
Now Go to Account Settings Page.

Now Click On " Download a copy your facebook Data Link " As seen Below :.

Now click on Start My Archive button  as seen in below screenshot :.

Now after Clicking on the Archive button.your profile starts Archiving.Facebook will send your profile data back in 3-5 hours or may be delayed.

The  Archived data Contains :.

  • your profile and wall information
  • friends list
  • photos and videos
  • comments you've made on others
  • Events and Messages.
You will be received all your Data via email in .ZIP Format . that's it Guys have fun.if you like this post please take some time to share this.
Thanks for visiting ! 

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