Add Facebook Send Button to Wordpress And Blogger Blog

We know that Facebook has introduced Send button which is used to send link or content or any type of information to Our Friends on Facebook and Facebook Pages.so in this Tutorial iam going to tell you How to Add Facebook Send Button Wordpress | blogger Blogs. 

Here is the Small Facebook Send Button :

Add Facebook Send Button For Wordpress :.

Step1: Go to Facebook Developers page -- Click here to go

Type in you URL and Choose Desired Font and Color scheme and Now at the               Bottom Click on Get Code

Step3:When you Click on Get Code.you'll See a Plugin code on a popup Box as shown Below:.

Step4: Now Copy the Code and Open Wordpress and Under Appearance go to Editor and open   "Single.php"   Page .

Step5: Now Search for   <div class="entry">

Step6: Now paste the Copied Code Below The Div Tag .
Step7: That's it Now you're Done.

Add Facebook Send Button to Blogger :.

Follow the Above mentioned Steps till Step3

Step4: Now open Blogger Dashboard > Design > EDIT HTML and Check Expand Widgets Template

Step5: Now Check for the Code  <div class=’post-body entry-content’>

Step6: Now Paste the Facebook code Below it And Save your template.

Now you're done.So in this way You can Add Facebook Send Button to Your Wordpress and Blogger Blog.

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