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If you have Several Gmail Accounts.so sometimes You may need to run several accounts at an instance.of google talk at once.Many Users like myself used to chat with others from different different accounts.but by default Google Talk Allows you to run only one Instance at a time.But here is How to Use multiple Accounts in gtalk.imean Chat with Multiple Accounts in Gtalk.

Here is How to Do this :.  

First Step is To Download and Install google talk to your default location.

Now Right Click On Desktop and Select New Shortcut.
Now where the Text Box Comes Write the Below Code

"c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex

Now After typing the above text.just click on Next button.
And Name it to Whatever you want
Ex: Gtalk.,Gtalk 2,etc. 
And Click Ok Now You Are Done. 
Now Login to Gtalk with original one u have installed with one account and then open the shortcut file and login with your another account. that's it Enjoy

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