How To know if your Blog is Dofollow or Nofollow ?

Well Most of the New Bloggers Has the Same issue..Whether Their blog is a do-follow Or No follow.It’s a simple post and many friends will feel if it was required to publish! This post is for new bloggers like me  who are still in the process of learning SEO
But Think everyone is born as a child.therefore  There are huge number of new bloggers including myself  would find the post of some use!

USing Mozilla Firefox :.

I think the Main Difference between the Do follow And No follow is the rel attribute in anchor tag of HTML code of the page. There is an easy way to check the Source code of a blog .so using Mozilla Firefox it is an easy way :.

Just follow the Below Steps :.

Search for Your Blog over google.& After that Select Some Text including the link of the webpage.
Now Right Click on the selected text and now choose "View Selection Source".
After performing the above step.Now look inside for  < a > tag and check the rel attribute. If there is no follow, it is nofollow link, otherwise its do follow.


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