How to Hide Your Facebook Ticker with single click

Want to Remove those Irritating Tickers in Facebook.then there are two ways to disable :.

!) Official Way.
2) Installing Extension.

Well i think the official way is the best one .

!) Official Way :.

I see my news feeds in Facebook ticker what I see that Facebook has been added a small button to hide the ticker. When I click on that button they hide, so finally I revealed that Facebook has added an option to hide our Facebook news feed ticker. If you are not seeing this yet or you don't know where is the button to hide the ticker simply see below to hide the ticker.

1.Log in to Facebook.com.
2.Now see the right sidebar at Facebook Ticker.
3.Hover your mouse on small button which is said that "Hide Ticker" simply click on it and you are done.  

If you want to get back again simply click on "Show Ticker" ..

2) By installing Extension :.

For Google Chrome users :..
If you access the Facebook on Google Chrome browser, then disabling this ticker is very easy as you just need to install an extension designed for this purpose.Click Here to install the chrome extension in your browser. 
                                                 Click Here

Note:.. It will now hide the Facebook news ticker in the chat sidebar too.

Note:..make sure to reload Facebook's tab after installing this extension.

For Firefox users:
If you use Facebook on your Firefox Browser then before installing any add-on you need to install the Greasemonkey script on your browser and then install this script which will turn off this side ticker bar from your facebook profile.

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