How To Create Movie using Facebook Timeline

Now You Can simply turns your Facebook Timeline photos and videos and other stuff into an awesome movie Using Timeline Movie Maker

Well you get an amazing effects and good combination of music which you can customize according to your wish from their given samples. So you can check out below steps on how you can create your own Movie with this amazing website.

So now using Timeline movie maker is easy as you just need to authorize it with your Facebook account and rest of the work is done by it automatically, so you just have to visit TimelineMovieMaker website and than you have to click on Make Your Movie than a new window will pop-up asking you to Login to Facebook and  authorize this application just click on Allow. Now it will start collecting data from your account and than it will start to render that data like below.


So Visit Website here



Ayurvedic Supplements said...

I think this is very nice. A good learning again with regards to Facebook and of course, movie making! :)

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