Facebook Tips and Tricks

Some Cool Facebook Tricks And Tips Listed Here :.

How To Watch Streaming Tv On Facebook : 

For Live streaming please visit the link Given Below
Click Here

Facebook Chat Emotions :.
I have already posted about chat emotions in my previous post.
Facebook smileys

How to send SMS using Facebook :.

Yes Now You can Send Sms from facebook. go to the application listed below :.
Click Here--fb sms

Now Create a video with your pictures on Facebook :.
Just visit below application by pressing on link and hve fun :.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently :. 
To delete your Facebook Account Forever just go to the below link :.
Delete ur account here

Note : Donot login to facebook for upto 15 days so that ur acount may be deleted after submitting ur details.

Download Facebook photo albums :

I've already posted about photo album in my previous post. so please Refer this link 

How to download Facebook photo album in single click 

Trick to See Who is Online When you are Offline

Just visit below Application.have fun

Facebook online status 

Trick to post Empty status in facebook :.

Login to your facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.
@[2:2: ]

How to Download Videos From Facebook :.
To download videos From Facebook go to Downloadfacebook.com Click here to go.

There insert the Facebook Url of video and your video will be ready to download.

That's it Guys these are some of the cool tricks and tips about facebook.interesting isn't 
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