Now Save your Clipping Data on Android with ClipperPlus

Clipper Plus is a simple yet useful application for any business oriented person who usually copies and pastes a lot on his or her Android device as this application simply captures every copied items and stores it in its own database for future usage. Well so now you do not need to worry about remembering what and from where you just copied because what ever you copied is protected and safe in Clipper Plus app. 

Interesting Features of Clipper Plus Android Application :

1. Captures more than 20 Recent Clippings.
2. Unlimited clippings everytime.
3. You can also add date and time to clippings.
4. Awesome preferences and Interface.
5. Features keeps coming and updating.

Download Clipper Plus App :

You can Download Clipper Plus Android App and than transfer it to your Android device for further installation procedure. For further instructions you can also check out the help menu right inside the application. If you wanna download thousands of Android apps for free than you check out our another post on BlackMarket.

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