Activate Front Camera In Samsung 3G Mobile

Apart from the front camera you will also be able to use your phone as a torch light with the cam LED, LCD colour change, etc. Here is the code just type *#0*# and you will find a new menu. Here are the functions of the menu
Remember the code, its *#0*#  To capture From Front camera Use This code *#7353#
1 — LCD colour to Red
2 — LCD Colour to Green
3 — LCD Colour to Blue
4 — Melody RCV
5 — Vibration
6 — Dimming (dims urphone as its switchd offf)
7 — Mega Cam (the back mega pixel cam gets on)
8 — VGA Cam (this is the key wich activates front cam
9 — Touch test
* — Cam LEd (u can use ur phone as a torch with this fuction, ur led light gets activated)
0 — Sleepmode
# — Melody Spk


tina @ wedding favors said...

I am really curious about this one. :)

keerthi said...

wow i've tried this on my samsung champ..its working :)

MBT Sko Norge said...

Indirekte forbedre din mors mor hoftene. Siden MBT sandaler svart helskinn så mye effekt, hvorfor ikke velge et par for å gi din mor. Definitivt gjør du blitt en stor pliktoppfyllende sønn, pliktoppfyllende datter.

kabir said...

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