Trick To have Multiple Homepages In Google chrome

Follow these steps to have multiple Homepages in Google Chrome:-

As we  know that, whenever you open  Google Chrome browser, it will always open your default homepage. So, By applying this trick you can open Multiple Homepages in your Google Chrome Browser.

Open Google Chrome browser and click on the wrench (settings)_present at top right corner.
Now select  "OPTIONS"  button from the Drop Down Menu 

Now it will open a new window, Click on Basics Tab at the left side of the screen At the the Start-up Field, Choose Open the following pages option.

When you click on Add button, A new window will appear. It will ask you to enter the URLof the website that you want to view at your Start-up. 

Now close this window. And Restart your browser. You will see the pages opening that you have added.

Now browse your favourite sites using Google Chrome!!!! 


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