How to view your IP Address through Google Search

Sometimes you want to know what is the real IP address you are owning and you make a search in Google and some sites gives you all the details about your IP Address.
But now knowing your IP address is  simple because Google now displays your IP Address on its search page.

So  you can see in the above image there is a Red Highlighted Box displaying your Public IP Address so how to see yours well you simply have to open Google.com
and than make a search what's my ip and that’s it now you will get search results containing your IP Address and some websites for easy access.


Ira | Chicago Home Remodeling said...

Good to know that. I've been using ipchicken to check my ip but I think I'd rely on google now. :)

emilia @ cervirite said...

I'm using the whatsmyip website to view my ip. :)

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