How To Get Windows 8 Interface Instantly On Your Windows 7 PC

Windows 8 is yet to release, but buzz has started regarding it.
Even developer version is also released.. ®

Note that, It’s not the OS. It is just anapplication that gives your PC a look that resembles with widget-based look of Windows 8.
You should have Windows 7 and .Net framework v4 installed on your PC. Now, follow the steps below:


Download the application ‘Mosaic Beta 1 Refresh’ (0.5Mb only).
Unzip the file.
Nothing to install, just run the Mozaic application file.
When you are done, exit the application to get back to Windows 7 interface.

There are some real handy applications you can add to your Mozaic desktop. Click the add button to browse.Enjoy!


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