How to Convert Videos Using VLC Media Player

You convert videos many times for your portable devices than you might have installed some software to make your work easier 

YES that’s right VLC Media Player has an inbuilt feature to make your work easier as 123.

VLC Media Player has a simple option to Add Videos and than choose format in which you wanna convert that video too.

Follow the below steps to see this in action :-

1. Open VLC Player.

2. Now Navigate to Media > Convert & Save or you can Shortcut Ctrl + R, now you will see something like below .:

3. Now simply click on the Add Button when new Window Pops Up.

4. Now you will see something like below .:

5. Now Choose the Destination Folder where you want to save the Converted File, and choose Profile and choose the format in which you wanna convert the video too.

6. That’s it now conversion will start and VLC Media Player will show something like Streaming.

Now enjoy easy software free conversion, and don’t forget to share this post 


Ira | Chicago and Suburb said...

I didn't know we could actually convert videos using vlc. This could really save me a lot of hassles. Thanks! :)

Ad said...

:) welcm :)

minerva @ deer valley real estate said...

I didn't know about the conversion system being available at VLC itself, also! Just now! :) This is quite convenient. :D Thanks for this!

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