How to Extract Text from any Image

Sometimes you may come across some Great text quotes which are in a form of image and you like them so much but you cant write that because they maybe too lengthy to type.but well here is a awesome tool or online website which does this stuff really easily.

Free ocr is an online website which does this work for you in minutes and free of cost. The process is pretty simply and can be done easily by
simply visiting the website then uploading the text image and then click Send to process the image and extract the text out of that image.

You can see below example of how it was done 

This was the image I uploaded for the extraction process and see below how I got all the extracted text really easily.
So now you can see how Free OCR simply extracted the text from the image really fast and free of cost so visit this website today and extract some great long quotations.



This is an awesome trick. I never knew you could copy text from images.
Thanks for posting.

Pricewise Events said...

Well, I was kind of looking for a tool to extract text from an image and here I found your post! It's difficult to extract a message especially those which have longer texts on them. :)

Real Estate Park City said...

This is indeed a very useful tool for those images with lengthy texts!

ayurvedic supplements said...

This is really a cool tool for someone who wants the easier way on how to extract the lengthy texts from an image!

A$H said...

Thanks for the share... i was searching it from long.... :)

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Houston Court Reporter said...

Awesome! I was looking for a program like this, I want to extract those text from an image file, and convert it into a quote. :D

krish said...

Awesome...!! nice tricks

LSM said...

Wonderful trick,.. I have found good information in your blog… So excellent … It’s a treasure for me to reading your blog..I will definitely share it with others.thanks

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