1000+ Google plus icons Download here

1000+ Google plus icons Download here

If there is anything I love a lot then it is designing Icons. What I had decided to do this time the guys at webdesignshock did it before me and way way better than I expected. 

If you liked the icons set then please tell your friends also by either tweeting it, FB liking it or +1 recommending it.

Where can you use Google+ Icons & +1 Buttons

Icons can be used for different graphic purposes. If you are a web designer then you will need them to give a more cutting edge and clear look to your templates. If you are a developer busy developing an Android, iPhone or any smart phone app then you will need icons with clear edges and neat pixels. So as you can see it depends on how you use them. Most importantly if you are a blogger user then you will surely need +1 Buttons to give a more neater look to your blog templates.

Download Google+ Icon Set

Click here   to download the  icon set 

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