Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO Image Download

Windows 8 as you all know is yet to be released in the public but its developer preview version is released and being downloaded by many geeks around the world to test the new ultimate windows.

So you can download the official developer preview versions for Windows 8 from Microsoft's servers well there are 2 links divided by their Windows Versions 32 & 64 BIT, so click on the link according to your Windows version and your download will start automatically.

Download 32-bit version

Download 64-bit version here

These are the ISO Files so after you download them you have to burn them to the Disc and than use the windows installing steps to install Windows 8 Developer Preview Version on your machine.

You can burn ISO Image by using the default Windows Burning feature or you can Download and install NERO to burn images, if you wanna download NERO you can download NERO 10 full version from below .:

DoWnload NERO10 + KEY

So enjoy and have fun guys download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build, please share this post with all your friends so that they can also grab this new Windows Experience for free.


farhan said...

wow pretty interesting...thanks for sharing this..

Saikiran Reddy Sama said...

Glad that you've liked this post

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