Dofollow,Nofollow What makes the Difference

Well many of you don't know about what is a Dofollow And Nofollow blogs.these are one of the main factors deciding your search engine rankings as well as the search position of your blog or website in Search Engines.here i'll be Providing Small information about them

Well What is a Nofollow :.

Nofollow is an attribute value of a link which tells the Search engines that the Link should not influence the targets ranking in search enignes index. And should not Crawl through the link.Simply it tells the Search engines to don't follow the Link.Nofollow links are used to reduce Spamming comments Even some of the bloggers who experts use Nofollow Links to Control Page rank inside their Blogs.On the other side nofollow links are only good for Human traffic which is the best traffic you can have
Even google Suggests to use Nofollow link attributes to paid links and affliate Marketing.

EX:--  <a href="http://abcdefgh.com" rel="nofollow">ABCD</a>

What is a Dofollow:.

Dofollow is Opposite to Nofollow.To make your blog dofollow you don't have to include any special attribute in the links.Search engines bots will crawl through the DOfollow links and the page rank will be shared by your Site.Dofollow Blogs encourages More comments .but remember those who comment on such type of blogs because of dollow attributes and not necessarily that they may have something to see.
I've personally made my Blog as Dofollow and my page rank increased a littlebit.also search positions are good and getting Regular comments

EX:.--  <a href="http://abcdefgh.com">ABCDEF</a>

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