Blogger Vs Wordpress [Infographic]

There are lots of blogging platforms available these days. But the most popular are Wordpress and the Blogger or Blogspot. Fans of them support their favorite blogging platform but which blogging platform is better ? Well, this question is circulating since a long time and everyone is having their own views. Both of them are having their own different features which scores over on each other.

I just found this infographic comparison between WordPress and Blogger. I believe that you will find this helpful. I believe you would add some comments at the end of this post. That would help me know what you have learned and what you want to add to this


Blogger Advantages:
  • The Blogger platform requires less investment to create a blog and hence is good for initial bloggers who don’t want to spend more in starting a blog.
  • If you have good CSS and XHTML skill that you want to flaunt in your blog, then Blogger is the right platform for you.
  • Money is not required . Free Service
Blogger Disadvantages :
  • You don’t want to have number of authors for the blog(as there is no “Submit for Review option)and you want to be the whole and soul of the blog, then Blogger is the platform for you.
  • You have add Alt Tags to Images to have a better SEO .
WordPress Advantage :
  • If you want your blog to have a professional look and you don’t have enough knowledge of CSS or HTML, then to choose WordPress as your blog platform is the best option.
  • Good SEO with least effort is the way you wanna go, then WordPress is the platform for you.
WordPress Disadvantage :
  • Money is required a lot to buy Hosting . For free Service you can try WordPress.com which has less features . (No Plugins) .

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Blogger or WordPress ?

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