Now Convert Your Text To Speech Using Official Microsoft Tool

Well Sometimes It may Happen, when You  Want to listen A specified text..in the form of speech
Talk It  software is simply Converts text to speech client official delivered by Microsoft Now you can enjoy this amazing software which can make sounds of any character displayed. You just need to type some text than you must choose which characters sound you want and click on Talk It  button displayed and it will start repeating those sounds. 

There are many more interesting stuff you can do with this  software you can even change the pitch of your voice like you can become women or men 

Download Talk It ! Software for Windows :

To Download Click Below :----



Anonymous said...

Thanks !

Nike Norge said...

rendering teknologi som brukes i ovennevnte fargestoff et fullstendig bilde av kjærlighet og fred. Xiaobian tror ser ut som en lovende soloppgang langsomt stigende i horisonten, følelsen veldig glad Oh ~ ~

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