How To Run Turbo c In full screen Mode in windows7

Have U ever Thought of Running Turbo c in full screen Mode in your Windows 7 ?
Well It is possible by applying this simple step.

Most of the students Worry that they cant run turbo c in full screen mode in windows 7. moreover some people change their operating system to windows xp to run their "tc" compiler in full screen mode.Well it makes nothing just a crap.
So what u have to do to run it in Full screen mode..? it is not much than three steps so follow Below steps :..

First After U have install Ur turbo c compiler.to the desired location.
Then Now Go to " My computer " and Then Right Click on it and Choose "Properties".
Now Click On Device Manager.after that u can see some bunch of keys.
Now Double click on "Display Adopters ".then u will see a desired graphics accelerator for example On My computer i can see Intel Express Chip set family And some others can see NVIDIA Age force Graphics.

So whatever it may be.just right click on it and disable it there....So don't worry that we are disabling it.it is just for temporary use We Can Easily Enable it again After you have completed your work on turbo c by following the same steps mentioned here..so  now open your turbo c and you can run it in full screen mode.

That's it friends.


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