How To Create Google + Stylish URL With Custom Name

Your Google+ profile ID consists of large & meaningless numbers. For example, my url is 116992493316284584559.! Here’s how to customize it

That Google+ profile address looks like crap on the Web, and even worst in an email sign 
But if you want to share your profile, and make it easy to remember, go to Gplus.to.

It’s an easy vanity URL-shortener that will let you create a  nickname that redirects to your Google+ account.
 So instead of user 1165527849645412129899, It can just be Gplus.to/yourname.

Note: If you already had a Google profile set up before the Google+ launch, that address (such as http: //profiles.google.com/yourusername) now points to your Google+ profile.


Nike Sko said...

Mai vil fortsette å se utgivelsen av to nye, i mai to nye er hovedsakelig svart, av en tå og hæl posisjon trykt på grønn elefant mønster, veldig trendy elementer oh.

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